Anna Przybył’s debut album to be purchased before the premiere on April 25th 2017 in the Empik showrooms.

Fragment of the album’s description from the distributor’s official website:

Is it likely to live in harmony with oneself in the world full of expectations, solitude, rush for success and of helplessness? Anna Przybył proves it possible. Her debut album, Desires, is a poetic journey through the recesses of human sensitivity and the meanders of femininity that comes to be a universal story of a human being.

The Anna Przybył’s album is a touching story about the moments of euphoria and solitude, followed by fulfilment and rejection, a narration of love, friendships and relationships, narrated poetically. The songs, intimate, maturely arranged and full of unpredictability, do not give ready answers, but they lead to reflection and searching for real values in life.

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